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Trade Finance Specialist

As a Trade Finance Analyst, you will be working in the financial services sector as a middleman between buyers and sellers to execute sales. Additional job duties include advising traders and researching the market.

US$90 per year


Product Description

As a Trade Finance Analyst, your role centers on facilitating transactions within the financial services sector, acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. Your primary responsibilities involve overseeing and executing sales transactions. In addition to facilitating trades, you will guide traders and conduct market research to stay informed about relevant trends and developments. This multifaceted role requires a keen understanding of financial markets, effective communication skills, and the ability to navigate the complexities of trade finance to ensure successful transactions for all parties involved.

  • Access to all 8 Courses.
  • What you will learn:- Managing Credit Risk, Foreign Exchange Basics, Intro to Macroeconomics, Financial Statement Analysis Principles.
  • Who is this course for:- Professionals in the Banking & Finance industry, Students who are pursuing a Bachelor (Finance/Economics) MBA (finance), CA.

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