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Retail Banker

Retail bankers help individuals manage their money and provide advice and financial services and products. As a retail banker, you will be involved in: assisting in the movement of money via payment mechanisms. Authorizing loans and overdraft facilities. Setting up saving accounts and investment accounts.

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Product Description

Retail bankers play a crucial role in assisting individuals with managing their finances by offering advice and a range of financial services and products. In this role, retail bankers are involved in facilitating the movement of money through various payment mechanisms. They also have the responsibility of authorizing loans and overdraft facilities to eligible customers. Additionally, retail bankers play a role in setting up saving accounts and investment accounts, tailoring financial solutions to meet the diverse needs of individual clients. Overall, their focus is on providing comprehensive support to clients in navigating their financial goals and transactions.

  • Access to all 9 Courses.
  • What you will learn:- Fundamentals of Banking and Finance, Fixed Income Strategies, Economic Analysis, Investment Management.
  • Who is this course for:- Professionals in the Banking & Finance industry, Students who are pursuing CFA, MBA (finance), CA.

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