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Organizational Change: Reinforcement and Evaluation

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Welcome to this e-learning course on Organizational Change and Development!

Organizational change becomes permanent when new behaviors resulting from a change initiative get institutionalized in the organization’s ways of working. This means that the changes made to the organization have been successfully implemented, and employees have embraced the new ways of doing things. To achieve this, it is imperative for the organization’s leadership to embody and empathetically demonstrate this translation of the changes into their ways of functioning the team and managing their teams. The involvement of the most senior people in an organization is critical to the success of any change initiative for the change to be sustainable.

Before an organization can “refreeze” the change to make it permanent, the behavior that was sought and is now being observed needs to be reinforced. This means that the new behaviors must be encouraged and rewarded to ensure that they become a part of the organization’s culture. Leaders must communicate the importance of the change and ensure that employees understand why the change is necessary. Reinforcing the new behaviors will help employees understand that the change is here to stay, and it will help to cement the change in the organization’s routine.

In this e-learning module, we will explore the importance of organizational change and the steps required to make it permanent. We will examine the role of leadership in implementing change, how to reinforce new behaviors, and how to overcome resistance to change. By the end of this module, you will have a better understanding of the importance of change and how to make it stick in your organization.

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