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Job Success Analysis



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  • The Harrison Data Analytics Assessment provides comprehensive testing for Executives, Career seekers, Counsellors, and Companies to assess job competencies. The 25-minute work preference questionnaire and career test measure 175 characteristics and have been used by over 2.5 million people.  It provides an in-depth analysis of competencies interests, task preferences, strengths, potential derailers, and work environment preferences.

Job Success Analysis:

  • This report includes attitudes, motivations, task preferences, interests, and work environment preferences that relate to success for this job.
  • For Employers: the scores help to analyze job fitment and impact in a job. Ultimately, predict performance or success in a job.
  • For Candidates: the scores help to compare their capabilities for career fitment and analyze the gaps to be successful in the chosen career.

Download the sample report here.

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