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Custody Services Specialist

Security services offerings ensure the client’s (financial institution, pension fund, sovereign wealth fund, central bank or multi-national corporate) are always able to view and settle all obligations in full, wherever, whenever and in whichever market or currency they fall due, on the due date.

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Product Description

Security services offerings are designed to guarantee that clients, such as financial institutions, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, central banks, or multinational corporations, consistently can access and settle all financial obligations in full. This service ensures seamless and timely transactions, regardless of location, time, market, or currency, ensuring that obligations are met on their respective due dates. By providing a secure and reliable infrastructure, security services contribute to the efficient and effective functioning of financial systems, fostering trust and reliability for clients in managing their financial responsibilities.

  • Access to all 6 Courses.
  • What you will learn:- Introduction to Derivatives and Financial Markets, Asset Allocation Principles, Municipal Bonds Fundamentals, Guide to Economic Indicators.
  • Who is this course for:- Professionals in the Banking & Finance industry, Students who are pursuing a Bachelor (Finance/Economics) MBA (finance), CA.

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