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Comparable Company Analysis

What you will learn:

  1. Get a general picture and understand where comparable comps places itself in the bigger picture of valuation
  2. Delve deeper into the comparable comps methodology and why is it useful, particularly in the world of Investment Banking
  3. Identify the steps needed to perform the analysis with a brief description of each
  4. How to use an actual comps excel template used in the Investment banking world and explain each steps in detail enough for students to start building models on their own
  5. A brief description on takeover premiums and how is it determined
  6. A new perspective to the students to think of sector specific multiples outside the realm of PE and EBITDA multiples. This will be particularly helpful for them as it will broaden their thinking patterns
  7. Compel participants to think based on what they have learnt and help them clear interviews.

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