Product Description

Capital markets traders specialize in trading a variety of financial instruments, including bonds, derivatives, commodities, and stocks within stock markets. Their activities involve buying and selling these instruments on behalf of clients or for the financial institution they work for. Beyond dealing with shares of corporations in stock markets, these traders navigate the complexities of other financial markets, engaging in transactions related to fixed-income securities (bonds), complex financial instruments like derivatives, and commodities. Their expertise lies in analyzing market trends, making informed investment decisions, and managing risk to achieve optimal outcomes for themselves or their clients in the dynamic world of capital markets.

  • Access to all 41 Courses.
  • What you will learn:- Managing Credit Risk, Into to Hedge Funds, Introduction to Futures Trading & Mastering Options, Interest Rate Mechanics, Understanding Fixed Income Derivatives.
  • Who is this course for:- Professionals in the Banking & Finance industry, Students who are pursuing a Bachelor (Finance/Economics) MBA (finance), CA.

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