May 27 2022


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Cybersecurity of Remote Work in the Post-epidemic Era

Program Code: TD20220503



Key Outlines:
1. 移動設備及智能裝置的發展及影響

  • 整合信息科技及金融服務到生活的大時代
  • 雲計算、移動端、物聯網對企業發展的機遇與挑戰

2. 黑客最容易攻破的防線往往就是員工

  • 保護個人設備等同提高企業信息安全
  • 一些由缺乏安全意識的員工做成的嚴重事故案例分析
  • 一些黑客常用技巧分享
  • 一些金融企業執行資訊安全的負面案例

3. 互聯網及智能設備的弱點

  • 手機接入互聯網的基本原理
  • 網絡保安的盲點
  • 設備開發商及企業的責任
  • 持續學習及提供培訓的重要

4. 一些資訊安全重要事項及小技巧

  • 啟動雙重認證
  • 啟動指紋及人臉識別
  • 辨認網絡釣魚 (Phishing)信息
  • 使用搜尋平臺及串流視頻學習

For Whom:

  • Anyone who is interested in this topic

Date & Time:
27 May 2022 (Friday)
4:00pm – 6:00pm (2 hours)


Training Mode:
Virtual (Zoom or MS Teams)

Trainer’s Profile – Prof. Chan
As a FinTech enthusiast, Prof. Chan has over 20 years of experience in managing IT & business transformation projects in international financial institutions. He had worked for sizable international banks, including Credit Suisse and BayernLB, in the roles of First Vice President, Head of IT in the Asia Pacific, Project Director, and Operations Manager Asia Pacific. His extensive experience covers both Business and IT consulting, encompassing design, setup, leading, and managing of cross-border projects throughout Asia.

Prof. Chan is now the adjunct professor and visiting lecturer of EMBA and FinTech courses for various Universities and educational institutions in Hong Kong.

Disclaimer: Employers may, at their discretion, recognize any qualifications that may be obtained from this course.

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