This course explains the functions, products, and workings of the foreign exchange market – the most liquid capital market in the world.

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What is Foreign Exchange:

Every day, according to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), four trillion dollars’ worth of currency flows through the foreign exchange market. The spot market and its dealers are at the heart of this activity. Every second of the day, the value of currencies changes, driven by global trade, investment, and speculation. This is a world where bulls and bears fight for control, where a "yard" is a billion, and "cable" is an exchange rate between two of the most active currencies.

This Foreign Exchange Course examines the fundamentals of foreign exchange, as well as the features, characteristics, applications, basics of pricing, and risks. Applications are explored for the main products, including spot, forwards, and options, as well as a wide variety of applications from different end-users vantage points, including banks, asset managers, institutional investors, and speculators.

Why it is important:

This course explains the functions, products, and workings of the foreign exchange market – the most liquid capital market in the world.

The foreign exchange market has grown considerably in terms of diversity as well as depth. Perhaps its size owes a lot to the different FX markets. There are FX markets in spot rates, forward rates, FX swaps, FX options, and other FX derivatives, such as non-deliverable futures.

You will learn about how to read a simple currency quote given to a person wishing to exchange currency in preparation for a visit to a foreign country.

What will you learn:

  1. Describe the features and characteristics of spot and forward Foreign Exchange (FX)
  2. Explain the role of a market maker and end-user
  3. Demonstrate how to price forward FX
  4. Apply forward FX from different client perspectives
  5. Discuss the impact on FX from the credit crisis
  6. Explain and apply FX Options

Target audience:

Recruits to institutions with FX operations, risk managers, research staff, sales and marketing executives, and operations and support staff looking to further their forex product knowledge.


  1. Foreign Exchange Basics
  2. Foreign Exchange Spot Quotations
  3. Foreign Exchange Spot Trading
  4. Foreign Exchange Managing Spot Positions
  5. Foreign Exchange Spot Cross Rates
  6. Foreign Exchange Forward Outrights
  7. Foreign Exchange Forward Swap Points Calculation
  8. Foreign Exchange Forward Cross Rates
  9. Foreign Exchange Use of Forward Outrights
  10. Foreign Exchange Swaps
  11. Foreign Exchange Short-Dated Outrights and Swap Rates
  12. Foreign Exchange Cross Currency Swap Finance
  13. Foreign Exchange FX Swap Trading
  14. Foreign Exchange Non-Deliverable Forwards
  15. Foreign Exchange Options
  16. Foreign Exchange Use of Options
  17. Foreign Exchange Structure of a Bank's FX Business
  18. Foreign Exchange Factors that Influence Exchange Rates

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